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Zhongshan Jieyao Lamps Co., Ltd. located in China Township, crisp meat, fish Zhongshan - Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, the company was founded in 1985, now has 40,000 square meters workshop, serving more than 400 employees and an annual export volume 290 million U.S. dollars, is a lighting products specializing in the production of medium-sized metal Taiwan-funded enterprises, mainly producing pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, crystal lamps and traditional lighting products.

The company in product quality, safety, hard work, China has successively passed 3C certification, ISO9001: (2000) - (2008) international quality system certification, GS, TUV, UL and other international safety certification, product quality and stability has been a strong protection. Many Chinese enterprises won the certification system of credit business model units, Chinese manufacturing informatization enterprises the honorable title of best model. As in the development process always uphold the "integrity management, efficient operation" business philosophy, Zhongshan City, has been assessed as a continuous "heavy contract and trustworthy enterprise", is a Taiwan-invested enterprises Zhongshan Association.

Jie Yao lighting to "respect the management rules, people-oriented" as management philosophy and practice "Zhirenshanren disposes Daren" talent philosophy, adhere to human resources are the first major enterprise resource development concept, the implementation of an open human resource management. Been the introduction of various types of knowledge of business management, good at science and integration of enterprise resources in top-notch middle and senior managers and top technical talent. Meanwhile, personnel selection, appointment and training of a high degree of attention given to regular employees at all levels, corporate culture, professional skills, operating procedures and other training, long-term and business consulting firm in business management strategic cooperation in order to continuously improve the overall quality of staff At the same time to raise the overall competitiveness of enterprises as a whole. The company's core values: "responsible, efficient, pragmatic, win-win situation." Company in sales, adhere to market-oriented, production and sales around the turn, sell the market around the turn, adhering to the "no service there would be no sales" purposes, I am the Secretary for high-quality products and service won the unanimous domestic and foreign merchants and consumers affirmation and praise. The company's brand positioning: "a leader in design innovation."

Jie Yao's mission is: "to grasp opportunities for development, to create effective enterprise, enhance employee value and commitment to social responsibility." At present, the company's next game, to concentrate on the management system construction, through the performance appraisal of the start, to play a guiding role of the concept of performance management, management leverage, behaviors and the role of effective implementation of the Company's management of the chain of scientific convergence, comprehensively enhance the internal management of level; company has successfully passed the ERP management system construction, the use of information technology on the import and sale, keeping for scientific management, improve overall efficiency and shorten the delivery period for the customer to gain time to grasp market opportunities, to further enhance the company's comprehensive strength.

Jie Yao's never the whole factory to configure a cleaner, but the company's environmental conservation work is industry-leading, full-factory could not find a scrap of litter anywhere. Employees to cultivate good habits, is unconditionally stable product quality, a magic weapon.

The company's strategic development plan is: first three years of striving, Zhongshan, Guangdong in the first five years of striving for a decade and striving for first in the country and the implementation of international development strategy for the nation and even around the world will enjoy a higher visibility . Resolved in a wider scope of employment at the same time, fulfill our social responsibility. Based on present, look to the future, we are confident that the courage and ability to meet new challenges.