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Lamp act the role ofing select six principles to teach you how to choose the right lamp

Release Date:2016-04-21    Views:140

Contracted principle

Lamp act the role ofing should have the effect that make the finishing point in the room. Too too complex modelling, multifarious design and color, are not suitable for simple design of the room.

Convenient principle

Major person has experienced change the awkwardness that sucks dome light bulb: stepping on a table, stepping a chair, hold one's head high 90 degrees, carry double arm overdoes 2.5 meters tall taller even ceiling. When choosing lamps and lanterns, must consider convenient replacement bulbs.

Energy-saving principle

Energy-saving bulb section, illuminance good, also won't send out overmuch quantity of heat, applicable bull lamps and lanterns. Energy-saving light bulbs are mostly standard screw, and droplight has two kinds of caliber, one kind is standard, can use energy-saving bulb; A kind of non-standard, cannot use energy-saving bulb. Pay attention to when the choice: shoot the light mostly is energy-saving products.

Security principle

Must choose the lamps and lanterns of normal manufacturer. Formal products marked with the total load, according to the total load, can determine how many wattage bulbs are used, especially for bull droplight is most important, namely: the Numbers of each bulb wattage = total load. The toilet with additionally big humidity, kitchen should choose waterproof lamps and lanterns.

Functional principle

The room of different use function, the lamp that should install different pattern, illuminance is acted the role of. The sitting room should choose bright, richly lamps and lanterns; The bedroom should choose make people lying on the bed don't feel dazzling lamps and lanterns; Children room should choose color is gorgeous, style abound change of lamps and lanterns; Toilet should choose waterproof lamps and lanterns with compact model; The kitchen should choose to wipe, clean lamps and lanterns; Some need special performance place also can choose to shoot the light.

Coordination principle

Integral style of lamp act the role ofing and room wants to coordinate, and a variety of lamps and lanterns of same room, should maintain colour to coordinate or design is harmonious. Such as rectangular balcony on the top of the wooden fence, wood, wood, suit to install a rectangle ligneous lamp; Equipped with a desk and chair of eat of glass of iron art watch, iron pipe rectangular hallway, suit to install the droplight with qualitative material of rectangular iron pipe. Ann has a golden cupboard door handles, aureate the bedroom that shoots the light, suit to contain aureate illuminative the lamp.

When selecting a lamp act the role ofing, feast for the eyes is important, but don't forget, safe and practical is the first. In the face of so many diverse lamp act the role ofing, you don't the edition!