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Topanga technology named Barry, chief executive of Greg river

Release Date:2016-04-21    Views:114

Topanga technology named Barry, chief executive of Greg river

Los Angeles, California Topanga technology in solid-state lighting plasma generation leader, announced today that Greg river Barry as the appointment of the President and chief executive. Mr Barry to Topanga over 25 years of experience in senior management positions, the leading lighting company, and more and more domestic and international market share and revenue record of success. He on the company's operations, including sales and marketing, engineering, manufacturing various aspects of the profound experience, and financial. As the appointment of Mr Barry will also as part of the Topanga science and technology of the board of directors.

Mr Barry in the position of President and chief executive, immediately in the local co-founder of mehran Matloubian, who also took the role of chief strategy officer. "other; We are a like Greg world-class executive leadership team in Topanga electricity, said: "throughout; The founder of mehran Matloubian. "other; Greg's management experience and strong leadership will help us to expand at the same time provides great hope solid-state lighting plasma has for our customers. Throughout the"

Mr Barry as a senior management team responsible for construction of history, expand market share, increase profits, and called for in some industries to bring positive measurable goals. Mr Barry started in various sales and management position, his career in the past 14 years with ge. , vice President of product marketing for more than five years in the development of brand in vision, Mr Barry from hubbell lighting Topanga, he served as vice President and general manager in the past five years for many years.

Mr Barry won by a bachelor's degree at the university of south Florida and in the master's degree in business administration at the university of Michigan. He and his family will move to California.

Topanga technology

Was founded in 2007, headquartered in Los Angeles Topanga technology ( has excellent solid-state lighting technology, plasma in colour, to provide quality, strength, durability, energy efficiency and the overall performance of the device using hidden, induction, fluorescent and LED lighting. On February 16, 2010